Wrist Fracture in cast

Treatment for wrist fractures requires the highest level of attention to detail because of the many small, precisely arranged bones that make up this complex joint. Dr. Jeffrey Jacobson is a hand and wrist surgeon whose meticulous attention to detail allows him to help his patients achieve their best possible outcome.

Wrist fractures–broken bones in the wrist–are actually quite common. They often occur when people put their hands out as they fall. Advancements in the field mean a greater number of treatments are available, which allows us to achieve optimal outcomes.

If you have broken a bone in your wrist, Dr. Jacobson can provide a variety of treatments for wrist fractures, up to and including surgery, to restore function.

Many doctors near Westchester, NY, refer their patients directly to Dr. Jacobson because of his specialized training and surgical skill. To learn more about our approach to treating wrist fractures, contact us to schedule an appointment.

Individualized Treatment for Wrist Fractures

Each case involving a fractured wrist is unique, and Dr. Jacobson will plan treatment according to your individual needs. By taking several factors into account, including your lifestyle, he will work with you to achieve your goals.

Much like hand fractures, a broken bone in the wrist can often be treated using splints and casts to immobilize the area while it heals. When bones have been displaced because of more complex fractures, surgery may be necessary to ensure proper healing and restored wrist function.

Because of the small size of wrist bones, many surgeries require precise technical skill and involve the use of pins, screws, and plates to reinforce the structure of the wrist and provide a foundation for renewed strength. Patients with severely damaged wrists are often referred to Dr. Jacobson for specialized treatment by their general orthopedists.

If you have been told in the past that your wrist injury was too complicated to be corrected by surgery, we may still be able to help. When successful surgery is paired with a proactive hand therapy rehabilitation regimen, patients can recover strength and range of motion in their wrist. Contact us to learn about your treatment options.