The thumb is one of the most common locations in the hand affected by osteoarthritis. This condition develops as the cartilage of the thumb joint wears away and no longer allows the joint to glide smoothly. Thumb arthritis can be extremely painful, resulting in swelling, decreased strength, and diminished range of motion. Fortunately, Dr. Jeffrey M. Jacobson offers comprehensive treatment options for thumb arthritis at his Westchester, NY-area practice. If you suffer from thumb arthritis and would like to learn more about your treatment options, please contact our office to schedule a consultation with Dr. Jacobson.

Non-surgical Treatments

When you visit our practice for a consultation for your thumb arthritis, Dr. Jacobson will determine how to customize treatment based on the severity of your symptoms. Often, he can use non-surgical treatments such as braces and hand therapy to provide relief. These methods can be used to improve movement, encourage proper positioning of the thumb basal joint, and allow some of the inflammation to heal, taking away some of the pain.

In many cases, we can also use cortisone injections to temporarily relieve pain and reduce inflammation around the joint. Dr. Jacobson uses ultrasound and fluoroscopic image guidance to deliver the injections precisely and effectively, preventing the occurrence of painful side effects and ensuring a successful procedure.

Surgery for Thumb Arthritis

If non-surgical treatments are ineffective, or in severe cases of thumb arthritis, surgery may be the only way to relieve symptoms. Dr. Jacobson generally recommends surgery for thumb arthritis when other less invasive treatments have been unsuccessful. Fortunately, joint replacement can be performed and bring about dramatic pain relief.

During a thumb basal joint replacement procedure, otherwise known as thumb basal joint arthroplasty or thumb CMC arthroplasty, the painful joint is replaced and a graft from one of the nearby tendons is used to reconstruct it. After thumb basal joint arthroplasty, patients work with a hand therapist to regain thumb strength and mobility. Though there is a recovery period, thumb basal joint arthroplasty is typically very effective at relieving pain and getting patients back to their activities.

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Dr. Jacobson has been widely recognized for his meticulous attention to detail and commitment to achieving optimal outcomes for his patients. If you are suffering from pain or limited mobility because of thumb arthritis, we can customize treatment to relieve your symptoms. Contact our practice today to schedule an appointment.