About Jacobson MD

About the Practice

When you arrive, you will be welcomed into our beautiful, state-of-the-art office by our warm and caring staff. To ensure our patients are informed and confident about their care, we have a multilingual staff who can communicate in English and Spanish. Our office also features Wi-Fi, so you can browse the web while you wait.

Why You Need a Hand and Wrist Expert

When you have a condition or injury that affects the hand, it’s important to seek out a true specialist. The training and knowledge bases of general and orthopedic surgeons are necessarily broad so they can treat many conditions affecting many parts of the body. You need an expert when you have a hand or wrist condition.

With something as intricate as the hand and wrist —each with 27 bones and dozens of ligaments and tendons—you want a physician who specializes in the hand and wrist. Not only do hand surgeons undergo extra training, their clinical experience is exclusively in treating hand and wrist conditions. That means hand surgeons have the most experience solving problems of the hand and wrist and have likely seen cases just like yours.

Because the hands are so delicate and intricate, with so many fine structures, plastic surgery is one of the best specialties for operating on the hand and wrist. Plastic surgery’s strengths include precision, reconstruction, and microsurgery–three aspects often involved in hand surgery.

About Dr. Jacobson

Dr. Jacobson takes pride in improving the lives of patients through plastic surgery and surgery of the hand and wrist. Thanks to his extensive education and training, he offers effective solutions for meeting needs both simple and complex.

Dr. Jacobson treats his patients like family, and he will take the time needed to understand your unique goals and answer any questions you may have.