hand fracture with cast

The human hand contains more than two dozens bones, all intricately connected with tendons and ligaments, functioning in precise alignment. To avoid long-term impairment and a decrease in quality of life, you should seek advanced, specialized care. Dr. Jeffrey M. Jacobson offers several treatment options, which may include surgery for hand fractures, to help patients in the Westchester, NY, area regain function and comfort. Contact our practice today to schedule a personal consultation with Dr. Jacobson.

Treatment of Hand Fractures

Some fractures of the hand bones are stable, meaning the broken pieces may stay in alignment. These types of injuries are typically treated with splints and casts to immobilize the area during healing. Unstable fractures typically require surgery to realign the bones. When you visit our practice for a consultation, Dr. Jacobson will diagnose your injury and explain your options for treatment.

Dr. Jacobson’s attention to detail and precise skill working with the small bones of the hand is especially important for this type of surgery. When surgically realigning and fixing broken bones, he uses the most advanced techniques and technologies, including minimally invasive surgery,  to achieve the best possible outcomes. No two cases are identical, so treatment will be individualized according to your unique needs. Advancements in the field have led to a dramatic improvement in the level of care that we are able to offer to our patients.

The Importance of Early Intervention

For some patients with hand fractures, restoring early motion is particularly important. In some cases a surgical option exists where a patient can begin moving their hand almost immediately, as opposed to wearing a cast for a longer period of time. As a specialized hand surgeon, Dr. Jacobson offers a full range of options that can be tailored to your needs.

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Dr. Jacobson has earned his excellent reputation based on his meticulous attention to detail and specialized knowledge of hand and wrist injuries. If you have sustained a hand fracture, expert treatment can can relieve pain and restore function. Schedule an appointment today to learn more about surgery for hand fractures.