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Many women undergo breast removal, or mastectomy, as part of their treatment for breast cancer. Breast reconstruction surgery is designed to help patients restore their figure and sense of femininity after a mastectomy. Women seeking breast reconstruction can turn to Westchester, NY-area surgeon Jeffrey M. Jacobson, M.D. to achieve beautiful, natural-looking results.

Dr. Jacobson has received expert training from some of the most distinguished doctors in the country, and he approaches each surgery with a combination of artistry and technical skill. If you have undergone or are going to undergo a mastectomy and would like to learn more about breast reconstruction, please contact Dr. Jacobson and schedule a personal consultation.

Planning Your Breast Reconstruction Procedure

To plan treatment, Dr. Jacobson will examine your breasts and discuss your goals for surgery. Some patients choose to undergo reconstruction using breast implants, while others prefer to use their own natural tissue. Each type offers its own unique advantages. We can identify the type of reconstruction that is best for you based on your unique needs and characteristics.

Breast Reconstruction with Implants

When undergoing breast reconstruction with implants, patients have the benefit of being able to customize the look and size of their new breasts. Before undergoing reconstructive surgery, many patients first require the use of a tissue expander in order to create sufficient space for the implants. Over the course of several weeks, the expander is slowly inflated. Once sufficient space has been created, the expander is removed and replaced with a breast implant.

Expert Surgical Skill for Beautiful Results

Dr. Jacobson completed his plastic surgery residency at Georgetown University Hospital, which has one of the most respected breast reconstruction centers in the United States. He excelled under the guidance of world-renowned surgeons Dr. Scott Spear and Dr. Maurice Nahabedian. Dr. Jacobson approaches every surgery with a strict attention to detail in order to ensure the best outcomes for his patients.

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Breast reconstruction can restore a woman’s confidence in her appearance and help her to feel whole again after mastectomy. To learn more about breast reconstruction, contact our practice today.